16 ESSENTIAL Tips on How to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

If your living room is small or you need to maximize your space, there are some ideas that can help you achieve that. However, you will have to be creative and willing to go the extra mile by researching a range of ideas online. Here are some ideas that can make your living room look spacious:

How to Make a Smaller Room Look Bigger

1. Be shelf-smart                 

If you have a small living room, the way you use your shelves can either make your room look bigger or crowded. Therefore, avoid filling up the shelves with items that you even don’t need or use often. Also, in case you have a lot of books, look for floor-to-ceiling bookcases to stack a lot of books and make your ceiling look higher.

2. Declutter

Decluttering your living room and the entire house is one of the ways you can have extra space because you will remove items you don’t need or use. You will also make it easy to clean your house and move around with ease. Having a clutter basket can help you remove clutter with ease by saving the effort and time needed to clean your house.

3. Arrange your sofas away from the wall

If it is possible to pull your sofas slightly away from the wall, you should consider doing it because it makes your living room seem larger. In addition, this type of arrangement will help you create a setting that will encourage chatting or having conversations with friends or family members in your home.

4. Mount mirrors on the wall

Although most people understand that having a mirror on the wall will make their living room space look bigger, mounting large mirrors is the ideal choice. However, large mirrors tend to be expensive and most homeowners are on a tight budget. Therefore, if you cannot afford to buy a large mirror, you can buy several small mirrors and mount them on the wall. To make them look uniform, paint their frames with the same color.

5. Invest in multipurpose furniture

Since you have limited space, storage will be a challenge and having multipurpose furniture can help you economize on space. For instance, an ottoman can be used as a table and a seating thus ideal to make your room spacious.

6. Choose wall lamps and bookshelves

When choosing lamps, wall lamps are the best choice when compared to table or floor standing lamps. A wall lamp will require less space while still creating a lot of space that you can use on other things. Also, mounted shelves are perfect instead of bookcases because you can use the space underneath mounted shelves as storage space.

7. TV

Mounting your television on the wall is a good idea if you have a small room. By doing this, you will free up some floor space and since the floating shelf can be used to hold DVD players or television boxes, you will further economize on the space you already have.

Space saving contemporary 5-piece dining set.

8. Pick the right dining table

When choosing a dining table, you should be very considerate to avoid making a mistake. Depending on the amount of space available, you should be looking for a dining table gives you the most space while occupying less space. To achieve the two, you can consider a dining table that has removable leaves or drop-leaves.

9. Remove the door

Although this might seem unattainable or drastic, removing your living room door gives you more space to store items or hang photos. If you cannot manage to live without a living room door, you can hang a curtain across and it will take much less space.

Light-weight fleece throw blanket.

10. Choose lightweight fabric

Lightweight fabric not only makes your room seem bigger but also airy and well lit. If you have already invested in heavy fabrics and curtains, consider changing because they make the room appear small and absorb the light.

11. Make your floor striped

A striped floor, especially with white and black stripes, makes your room look longer than it already is. You will not only make your living room look bigger but also appealing and unique by having a striped floor!

12. Choose the right colors

The colors you choose can either make your room look smaller or bigger. Normally, white color makes your living room seem bigger but if you don’t want it, you can choose light and soft colors. Light green and light blue colors are ideal because they reflect light unlike grey and dark blue colors. If you don’t know the right color to choose, you can seek help from an interior designer and you will end up with numerous options to choose from.

13. The walls and the curtains should be of the same color

When the curtains and the walls have the same color, they will blend perfectly. This is a better choice because if the two are different they will intrude and make your living room look smaller.

14. Clean your windows

Cleaning your windows include dusting them off and removing items that might be placed on or near them. This will allow light to enter, facilitate reflection within the room and since there are no items near the windows, the room will appear bigger than it already is.

15. Pick monochromatic colors

When choosing curtains and carpets, furnishings, ornaments, furniture and fittings, you need to choose different tints, shades, and hues of a single tone. This is the perfect choice because choosing multi-colors will make your living room exciting but smaller since the colors contrast. Therefore, monochromatic colors will have a positive effect in your room because they won’t contrast in any way. You will have to research thoroughly to know the colors that blend perfectly before making the final choice.

16. Keep your floor visible

A visible floor allows light and air to pass through and it is appealing too. Therefore, when choosing sofas and tables, choose those that have legs to make your room seem spacious. In addition, glass coffee tables are ideal because the light can be filtered through the floor.

If you are looking to make your room spacious, there are plenty of ideas you can choose from and use. However, the ideas to choose and implement can be determined by the actual size of your living room, your set up, your preference, budget and the layout of your living room.

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